About Magyan Clay & Paper

Magyan Clay and Paper is a ceramic and paper folding design studio.  Ceramic products (currently unavaliable) include items for the home and garden and ceramic jewelry. The origami inspired product line consists of earrings, pins, and stars.  All work is created and made by the artist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

My Origami Story: In 2003 I was teaching ceramics at The Hoyt Art Center for Education in New Castle, PA. I was asked to teach a paper crafts class to a group of Girl Scouts. My first thought was, "I can't do that, I'm a ceramist and what is a paper craft?" I agreed to teach the class and went to the local library to research paper crafts. I came across books on Origami and decided to teach myself how to fold something out of paper. To have a successful and enjoyable class, I had to put aside my judgement that anything made out of paper was not art, at least not serious art or craft. More important, I had to abandon the 'I can't do that' attitude. The class was great and I was amazed that these very young participants taught me how to be a better folder!  Some of them had been making origami cranes for a long time. In all of my years in school I had never learned to fold an origami crane until now.  A seed was planted.

Three years later my life changed and I had to put my clay-making on hold so I began to fold paper. It provided me with the control, the focus, the concentration, and the discipline I needed at that time. It also gave me immediate gratification. That was key. I love working in clay although it can take days and even weeks to see a finished product and that sense of gratification can be quickly extinguished if the piece cracks or the colors dull in the firing. Working in clay is learning delayed gratification for sure. 
Folding paper and working in clay has provided me with creative balance - a balance that keeps my sanity and my creative curiosity intact.
Origami Inspired Stars, Earrings, Necklaces and Pins
  • Beautiful Japanese Yuzen and Katazome-shi papers showcase the traditional origami crane
  • Asian charms symbolizing Happiness, Good Luck, Good Fortune, Peace & Safety and more
  • Polycrylic medium coats paper for added durability and moisture resistance
  • Swarovski crystals and Argentium Silver (won't tarnish like Sterling) are added elements
  • Custom orders welcome - mix and match charms and papers to your liking
  • Please allow 7-10 days for delivery
Ceramic Jewelry (These items are currently unavailable)
  • Talisman Pendant Necklaces made from earthenware and stoneware clays
  • Materials include crystals, brass beads and semi-precious stones and gems
  • Pendants are individually carved, textured and glazed by the artist
  • Please allow 7-10 delivery


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