Black and Gold Origami Inspired Earrings with Good Luck Heart Charm Dangle



These black and gold origami inspired earrings feature the traditional crane. Each crane is folded 22 times with a 2" square of Japanese Yuzen specialty paper. Each crane is coated with a polycrylic medium for added durability and to provide moisture resistance. Materials include gold plated beads, brass charms and stainless steel ear wires.

The traditional crane is considered a bird of happiness and symbolizes good fortune and longevity in Japanese culture.

Japanese Yuzen paper is also known as Chiyogami paper. It is known for its bright and intense colors and gold and silver silk screened overlays. The papers are handcrafted by artists in Japan. The designs are inspired by Kimono fabric.

Earrings come with a descriptive card and are shipped in a brown kraft gift box.

Shipping and packaging costs are included in the price.